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Min-On Global Music Network
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คอนเสิร์ตมิน-อน โกลบอล มิวสิก เน็ตเวิร์กในประเทศไทย
“วาราขุ โซเด็น ~WARAKU SOUDEN~”


☆For whom is interested in attending our concert, please fill this form below.


☆日時・会場 / Show time / รอบการแสดง

- 10月15日(火)チェンマイ・ガードシアター
15 October 2019 at KAD Theatre, Chiang Mai
วันที่ 15 ตุลาคม 2562 ณ กาดเธียเตอร์ เชียงใหม่

- 10月17日(木)バンコク・タイ国立劇場
17 October 2019 at National Theatre, Bangkok
วันที่ 17 ตุลาคม 2562 ณ โรงละครแห่งชาติ กรุงเทพมหานคร

- 10月19日(土)バンコク・サイアムピックガネーシ
19 October 2019 at Siam Pic Ganesha Theatre, Bangkok
วันที่ 19 ตุลาคม 2562 ณ โรงละครสยามพิฆเนศ กรุงเทพมหานคร

☆お問い合わせ:TORARI ENTERPRISE CO., Ltd. (事務局) 
ติดต่อสอบถาม: TORARI ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. (ฝ่ายธุรการ)
+66-627-9494/ 098-261-5100 / torari999@gmail.com
HP : www.min-on.or.jp
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1 week ago

Min-On Global Music Network
On July 9, the 76th Tohoku Hope Concert was held at Takata-higashi Middle School in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, where singer-songwriter Midori Karashima performed @ RikuzentakataImage attachment

On July 9, the 76th Tohoku Hope Concert was held at Takata-higashi Middle School in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, where singer-songwriter Midori Karashima performed @ Rikuzentakata ... See MoreSee Less

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Interview Archive

Discussing the Korean Cultural Center’s Wide Ranging Initiatives

Interview with Mr. Kim Hyun-Hwan, Director of the Korean Cultural Center,  Embassy of the Republic of Korea The Korean Cultural Center in Yotsuya, Tokyo is located near the Min-On Culture Center in Shinanomachi. Under the jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Republic of...

The Philippine–Japan Relationship Represents Bold Heritage

Interview with H.E. Manuel M. Lopez, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to Japan Min-On: First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Your Excellency, for supporting the recent performance of the Bayanihan, The Philippine National Folk...

Venezuela’s Diversity Thrives in Japan and Worldwide

Interview with H.E. Seiko Ishikawa, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Japan Min-On: We deeply appreciate your continuous support of Min-On’s cultural undertakings. In particular, we have been greatly honored by your presence at many Min-On cultural...

Uzbekistan’s Silk Road Connects the Musical World

Interview with H. E. Farrukh Tursunov, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Japan Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country situated at the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road trade routes, has played a pivotal role in cultural exchange between Eastern and Western...

Bright Futures Await Winners of 17th Competition

Interview with Hubert Soudant of the Netherlands, Conductor Laureate, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and Mike George, UK, Senior Producer, BBC Philharmonic, of the Panel of Judges for The 17th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting in 2015 Min-On: The 17th...

Diversity Itself Is the Music of Ecuador­

Interview with H.E. Leonardo Carrion Eguiguren, Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to Japan Min-On: This summer, in cooperation with the Embassy of Ecuador, we had the opportunity to invite Mr. Boris Cepeda to our Min-On Culture Center, and he gave a piano recital...

Unique D’Arienzo Sound Lives on in La Juan D’Arienzo

Fernando Rodas (left) and Facundo Lazzari (right) Interview with Facundo Lazzari and Fernando Rodas Min-On: Please share impressions from your first Japan tour. Facundo Lazzari: So far, we have been deeply moved by the enthusiastic support and applause from the...

Interview with H.E. John Neary, Ambassador of Ireland

Culture Helps Build Bridges Between Countries "For me, music is extremely important because music has the ability to touch our emotions, and I think it stirs our feelings in a way that no other art form can." H.E. John Neary, Ambassador of Ireland Min-On: We are...

Interview with H. E. Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel

Music is Central to Our Life and to Our Culture ]H. E. Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel Israel is home to a very rich culture that has been fertilized by many different influences from around the world, and also by both history and modernity. Min-On has proudly...

Interview with H.E. Patricia Cardenas, Ambassador of Colombia

Music a Source of Happiness in Colombia H.E. Patricia Cardenas, Ambassador of Colombia "It is very interesting to see how culture, and specifically music, has been pointed out as one of the reasons why Colombia can be considered the happiest nation on the planet."...

Interview with Uma Dogra, Vaibhav Arekar and Daksha Mashruwala

“Everything in India is different and colorful.” Daksha Mashruwala (Odissi), Vaibhav Arekar (Bharatanatyam), Uma Dogra (Kathak) Min-On: Thank you for such wonderful performances. You came all the way from India to introduce Indian culture. What, for you, are the...

Dialogue With Ukrainian Opera Singer Victoria Loukianetz

“The Min-On Vocalist Competition was the real beginning of my international career” President Kobayashi shows Victoria Loukianetz photos from the 1990 Tokyo International Vocalists Competition On Saturday afternoon of April 7, the Ukraine-Japan Goodwill Concert—a...

Interview with Virtuoso Cajón Player Juan Medrano “Cotito”

"I felt like I was playing music for my neighbors." Juan Medrano “Cotito” playing the checo drum onstage  Min-On: You are an acclaimed cajón player and have even been appointed as an ambassador of the cajón by the Peruvian government. Please tell us about the...

Interview with Japan’s Premier Flamenco Artist Yoko Komatsubara

"Flamenco is a physical expression of living as a human being." Yoko Komatsubara Min-On: Last year, UNESCO officially declared flamenco an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’. Please briefly tell us about flamenco in general. Yoko Komatsubara: Although the...

Interview with Abijah, Lead Singer with Jamaica Rocks

"I don't sing if I don't mean it." Abijah Min-On: When you performed Get Up, Stand Up at the Jamaica Rocks premiere at Nakano Sun Plaza, it reminded us of Bob Marley’s concert at the same venue. Please share your impression of performing there. Abijah: It was a...

Interview with Ken Peplowski, Virtuoso Clarinetist and Band Leader

"Jazz is like poetry: I don't need to think, but just express myself." Ken Peplowski Min-On: This is the first time for you to play a Min-On concert tour. Could you share your impressions of this Japan tour? Ken Peplowski: I’ve been to Japan on several occasions in...