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A Series of Musical Voyages along the Marine Road

The historical Silk Road functioned as the overland trading route between China on the one hand, and South Asia, West Asia, Europe and North Africa via Central Asia on the other. Likewise, there was the Marine Silk Road, also known simply as the Marine Road, which was a seaward passage for trade and cultural exchange between East and West in ancient times. Indeed the Marine Silk Road was established before the land route of the Silk Road. It is the oldest known sea trade route in the world, and the main artery of the ancient sea lanes on the South China Sea to Southeast Asian countries, through the Malacca Straits between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian islands to reach Sri Lanka and India on the Indian Ocean, and then on to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, eventually reaching out to the countries in Africa and the Roman Empire in Europe.

In 1984, Min-On initiated a series of cultural exchange concerts entitled A Musical Voyage along the Marine Road, and brought more than 200 musicians and performing artists from eight different countries in Southeastern Asia onstage across Japan. The performances met with great popular success for the way they showed how musical culture developed based on the history of cultural exchange along the historical Marine Silk Road.

The Malaysia National Dance Group in 1986

The Myanmar National Theater Dance Ensemble in 1992

The Ramon Obusan Folkloric Dance Troupe of the Philippines in 1990

A Musical Voyage along the Marine Road

1st Installment, 1984

With the Thailand National Dance Group

2nd Installment, 1986

With the Malaysia National Dance Group

3rd Installment, 1988

With the Sundanese Dance Group of Indonesia

4th Installment, 1990

With the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Dance Troupe of the Philippines

5th Installment, 1992

With the Myanmar National Theater Dance Ensemble

6th Installment, 1994

With the Brunei National Folk Dance Troupe

7th Installment, 1996

With the Saigon Tourist Phu Dong Ensemble and Ca Hue Ensemble of Vietnam

8th Installment, 1998

With the Sri Lankan Budawatta Dance Troupe

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