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Contributing to the Benefit of Public Welfare

Since its founding in 1963, Min-On Concert Association has developed a number of facilities and programs, including the Min-On Music Museum and Music Library, music competitions such as the Tokyo International Music Competition, initiatives to encourage youth to embrace musical culture including the School Concert Program, and many different international exchange programs made possible through the power of music and performing arts. Read More

Min-On’s promotion of international cultural exchange unites people through shared emotion, and creates an ever-expanding circle of friendship among people around the world. This is all made possible through your endorsement in the form of donations.

We would be grateful from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution. All donations received are used for the benefit of public welfare. Read Less

Bringing the joy of music to the world with your support


Since its earliest days, Min-On has encouraged the development of artistic talent worldwide through various international programs.

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History of Competition: First Competition held in 1967

Applicant countries for the 19th Competition: 49 countries and regions

Applying performers for the 19th Competition: 331 applicants

Overseas Dispatch Series

Numerous Japanese musicians and dancers have been sent to other countries by Min-On, among them leading musical and theatrical groups.

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Countries Toured: 20 countries and regions

Number of tours: 107 times

Number of performances: 808 times
*Does not include 4 music surveys and 4 seminars

International Student Musical Festival

Min-On has sponsored international student festivals on an annual basis since 1989 in order to promote intercultural understanding at a grassroots level, and to help create a worldwide network of friendship and goodwill.

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Kyoto International Students Music Festival: 26 times, 84 countries and regions, 2,596 performers

Osaka International Students Music Festival: 23 times, 86 countries and regions, 2,626 performers

Kanagawa International Student Music Festival in Yokohama: 6 times, 28 countries and regions, 206 performers


As part of its public service activities to promote appreciation for music culture, the Min-On Music Museum periodically holds cultural lectures and workshops.

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Number of lectures: 116 times

Number of participating performers/instructors: 163 participants

Number of countries: 31 countries and regions

Min-on Music Research Insititute

The Min-On Music Research Institute was established on October 18, 2014. Its goal is to carry out multidisciplinary academic research on the potential of the power of music through various lenses such peace, environment, society and education.

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Our Purpose: Institute established on October 18, 2014 to pursue interdisciplinary studies in the hope that music may serve in various peacebuilding activities.

Publications: Published “Journal of Peace Education”; latest version, Volume 13, Issue No. 3, released in 2016

Symposia and Conferences: Institute researchers and guest speakers invited to discuss annual report and other topics

Min-on Global Music Network

Min-on has played a major role in introducing Japanese culture in the form of leading musical and theatrical groups to more than 20 countries and regions in order to fulfill its aim of conducting fruitful worldwide cultural exchange.

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Countries toured: 6 countries and regions

Number of tours: 6 times

Number of performances: 20 times