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Min-On has reached many remarkable milestones in its 55-year history:

Oct. 1963
Min-On Concert Association founded.

First Min-On Subscription Concert held.

May. 1964
First Citizens Concert held in Tokyo.

Jan. 1965
Min-On incorporated as foundation authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Monthly magazine “Min-On” published.

May. 1966
First Min-On Music Competition for Vocalists held (Forerunner of the Tokyo International Music Competition).

First installment of the World Ballet Series Novosibirsk Ballet invited.

First exchange with Jeunesses Musicales de France (JMF); Cecile Ousset Piano Recital.

Jul. 1967
First Min-On Music Competition for Conducting held.

Feb. 1969
First Min-On Contemporary Music Festival held.

Mar. 1970
Orquesta Jose Basso invited in the first installment of the Min-On Tango Series.

Jan. 1971
First installment of the Asian Folk Dance and Song Series started.

May. 1973
First School Concert held in Hokkaido.

Jan. 1974
Min-On makes first presentation of phonographic records to an elementary school.

Bayerische Staatsoper München invited.

The Min-On Music Library established.

Min-On Music Competition for Chamber Ensembles initiated.

May. 1975
First Min-On Italian Music Festival held.

Jul. 1977
Min-On dispatches first team to research music and dance of the Silk Road.

Jul. 1979
First installment of A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road series held.

Sep. 1980
Wiener Staatsoper invited to make Japan debut.

Sep. 1981
Teatro alla Scala invited to make Japan debut.

Sep. 1983
Min-On produces independent opera, Le Nozze di Figaro.

Jul. 1984
First installment of A Musical Voyage along the Marine Road series held.

Sep. 1986
The Royal Opera invited.

Jul. 1988
Min-On receives Japanese Foreign Ministry Commendation.

Oct. 1989
Franco-Japanese Contemporary Music Festival held in Paris.

Aug. 1991
First Tokyo International Choreography Competition held.

Feb. 1992
Oper der Stadt Köln invited.

Oct. 1994
Min-On receives Special Certificate of Merit from Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Sep. 1997
Min-On Culture Center inaugurated. Min-On International Award for Arts established. Presented to John Neumeier of the Hamburg Ballet.

Aug. 1999
First installment of A Musical Voyage across Africa.

Oct. 2002
First Min-On Symposium “Asia Now” held.

Nov. 2003
Min-On receives the Order of Cultural Merit from the Polish Ministry of Culture.

Min-On Music Library renamed Min-On Music Museum following an official designation as a music museum by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education.

May. 2004
Min-On Music Museum opened.

Apr. 2012
Min-On Music Museum Western Japan Branch inaugurated.

Jul. 2013
Min-On Concert Association newly recognized as a General Incorporated Foundation.

Oct. 2014
Min-On has established the Min-On Music Research Institute.
Min-On has launched Min-On Global Music Network.