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Since its earliest days, Min-On has encouraged the development of artistic talent worldwide through various international programs, including the Tokyo International Music Competition (in three categories for vocalists, conductors, and chamber ensembles), launched in 1966, and the Tokyo International Choreography Competition, inaugurated in 1991. Both competitions have helped foster numerous artists and have contributed to the development of music and the performing arts in Japan and throughout the world.

The Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting – one of the three categories of the Tokyo International Music Competition—was launched in 1967 and is held every three years. Since its inception, it has nurtured a great number of talented conductors and has become an internationally acclaimed competition for conducting. The most recent competition, which took place in 2009, attracted a total of 117 individual applications from 33 countries and regions. The application process for the next competition in 2012 has just begun.

The Tokyo International Choreography Competition is one of the very few competitions of its kind in the world. The competition brings together dozens of choreographers and dance groups from around the world and provides a unique stage for the young performers of the future.

Additionally, between 1969 and 1994, Min-On organized the Min-On Contemporary Music Festival as a part of the Music Competition to introduce contemporary works by prominent young Japanese composers. Many noted commissioned works of contemporary music were introduced to the public during this period.

2nd TIMC for Conducting in 1970
1993 Choreographers Competition
Award Winner at 14th Conductors Competition
Award Winners at Conductors Competition in 2006
1993 Choreographers Competition
Award Winner at 15th Conductors Competition in 2009
Prize Winners at Past Tokyo International Conductors Competitions

1st Competition in 1967

1st Place: Yukinori Tezuka, 2nd Place: Shigenobu Yamaoka, 3rd Place: Hiroshi Koizumi

2nd Competition in 1970

1st Place: Kazuhiro Koizumi, 2nd Place: Tadaaki Otaka , 3rd Place: Jacques Brourman

3rd Competition in 1973

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: Akinari Iguchi, Yasuhiko Shiozawa and David Howell, 3rd Place: No recipient

4th Competition in 1976

1st Place: Alan Balter, 2nd Place: Jerome Kaltenbach, 3rd Place: Makoto Kokubu

5th Competition in 1979

1st Place: Yoshikazu Tanaka, 2nd Place: Kim Hong Jae, 3rd Place: Satomi Kurita

6th Competition in 1982

1st Place: Naohiro Totsuka, 2nd Place: Kazushi Ohno, 3rd Place: Hiroyuki Odano

7th Competition in 1985

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: Norichika Iimori, 3rd Place: Pascal Verrot

8th Competition in 1988

1st Place: Hirofumi Kurita, 2nd Place: Alexandre Titov, 3rd Place: Carlo Rizzi

9th Competition in 1991

1st Place: Olivier Grangean, 2nd Place: Yuri Nakamura, 3rd Place: Daniel Kleiner

10th Competition in 1994

1st Place: Francisco de Galvez, 2nd Place: Dorian Wilson, 3rd Place: Koji Kawamoto

11th Competition in 1997

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: Marco Parisotto, Yun-Sung Chang and Ronen Borshevsky

12th Competition in 2000

1st Place: Tatsuya Shimono, 2nd Place: Toshio Yanagisawa, 3rd Place: No recipient

13th Competition in 2003

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: Alexander Mayer, 3rd Place: James Lowe

14th Competition in 2006

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: Kentaro Kawase, 3rd Place: No recipient

15th Competition in 2009

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: No recipient, 3rd Place: Mikhail Leontyev

16th Competition in 2012

1st Place: No recipient, 2nd Place: No recipient, 3rd Place: No recipient

17th Competition in 2015

1st Place: Diego Martin Etxebarria, 2nd Place: Gen Ota, 3rd Place: Corinna Niemeyer

Prize Winners at Past Tokyo International Vocalists Competitions

1st Competition in 1966

1st Place: Katsumi Niwa, 2nd Place: Toshitaka Mori, 3rd Place: Tadao Yoshie

2nd Competition in 1969

1st Place: Shuichi Takahashi, 2nd Place: Yasuko Hayashi, 3rd Place: Yuko Tsuji and Shigeko Kasuga

3rd Competition in 1972

1st Place: Motomu Itsuki, 2nd Place: Tami Asakura, 3rd Place: Hihoko Takagi

4th Competition in 1975

1st Place: Yukiko Iwasaki, 2nd Place: Naoki Ikeda, 3rd Place: Makoto Hayashi

5th Competition in 1978

1st Place: Yukie Okura, 2nd Place: Yukimi Akiyama, 3rd Place: Chiu Yu-Lan

6th Competition in 1981

1st Place: Yasuko Kozaki, 2nd Place: Tetsuya Ohno, 3rd Place: Keiko Asada

7th Competition in 1984

1st Place: Kazuko Nagai, 2nd Place: Masako Saida, 3rd Place: Masato Makino

8th Competition in 1987

1st Place: Mayumi Matsuzono, 2nd Place: Hisara Sato, 3rd Place: Galina Simkina

9th Competition in 1990

1st Place: Soile Isokoski, 2nd Place: Viktoria Loukianetz, 3rd Place: Irina Romischevskaya

10th Competition in 1993

1st Place: Alexei Repehinsky, 2nd Place: Chen-Ye Yuan, 3rd Place: Andrej Spekhov

Prize Winners at Past Tokyo International Chamber Ensembles Competitions

1st Competition in 1974

1st Place: Bela Quartet, 2nd Place: Kiri Quintet

2nd Competition in 1977

1st Place: no recipient, 2nd Place: Ensemble Adan and Quatre Roseaux Saxophone Ensemble

3rd Competition in 1980

[1st Division] 1st Place: Duree String Quartet / 2nd Place: Tokyo Brahms Quartet
[2nd Division] 1st Place: Tokyo Piano Quartet / 2nd Place: Quatre Roseaux Saxophone Ensemble

4th Competition in 1983

[1st Division] 1st Place: Muse String Quartet, 2nd Place: no recipient
[2nd Division] 1st Place: Le vent Veri Wind Quintet, 2nd Place: Tokto Brass Quintet

5th Competition in 1986

[1st Division] 1st Place: Halley String Quartet, 2nd Place: Brodsky String Quartet
[2nd Division] 1st Place: Harmo Saxophone Ensemble, 2nd Place: Tibia Wind Quintet

6th Competition in 1989

[1st Division] 1st Place: Y. Quartet, 2nd Place: String Quartet of the Leningrad N.A.
imsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire
[2nd Division] 1st Place: Aricis Quintet, 2nd Place: Roseau Quintet

7th Competition in 1992

[1st Division] 1st Place: Amernet String Quartet, 2nd Place: Subaru String Quartet, and Musa String Quartet
[2nd Division] 1st Place: Apollo Saxophone Ensemble, 2nd Place: V.I.F. and Trouvere Quartet
[3rd Division] 1st Place: American Horn Quartet, 2nd Place: Bielefelder Posaunenquartett

Prize Winners at Past Tokyo International Choreography Competitions

1st Competition in 1991

1st Place: Redha Benteifour (France)
2nd Place: Rick McCullough (U.S.A)
3rd Place: Robert Balogh (Czech)
4th Place: Stanislaw Wisniewski (Poland)
4th Place: Hannu Huttinen (Finland)
5th Place: Jan Linkens (Netherlands)
Prince Takamado Award: Stanislaw Wisniewski

2nd Competition in 1993

1st Place: Philippe Trehet (France)
2nd Place: Agnes Locsin (Philippines)
3rd Place: Sungsoo Ahn (Korea)
4th Place: Myriam Naisy (France)
4th Place: Stanislaw Wisniewski (Poland)
4th Place: Edmund Stripe (Australia)
Takamado Award: Agnes Locsin

Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting

Website: https://www.conductingtokyo.org/eng/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConductingCompetition/

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