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Folk Music and Dance

Min-On has presented several series of folk and dance displays, including the “Performing Arts of China,” ”Musical Voyage Along the Silk Road,” “Musical Voyage Along the Marine Road,” “Tango” series, as well as folk dance and music ensembles from around the globe.

Musical Voyage Along the Silk Road

Bulgarian Folk Music and Dance Troupe “Pirin” in 1994

Georgian National Dance & Song Ensemble “Rustavi” in 2018

The Jordanian National Folklore Group in 2008

Folk Music and Dance from around the World:

1971   The Ceylon National Dancers from Sri Lanka

1972   Ranga-Sri Little Ballet Troupe from India

1973   The Royal Classical Javanese Dance Group of the Sultanate of Jogyakarta from Indonesia (Performance also in 1995)

1975   The National Dance Ensemble of Pakistan

1977   The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

1978   Ballet Folklórico de Mexico (also in 2002)

1981   The Bangladesh National Dance and Music Group

1987   Royal Thai Classical Dance Troupe from Thailand (also in 1992 & 2006)

1988   The People’s Association Cultural Troupe and Chinese Orchestra from Singapore

1988   The Festival of India in Japan—Commemorative Performances of Indian Classical Dance and Folk Music

1988   Ballet Folklórico Nacional de Colombia

1989   Indian Eternal Music & Dance

1989   The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts

1990   Ballet Folklórico Nacional de Chile

1992   The National Troupe of Nigeria

1992   The Festival of the Joint ASEAN Performing Troupe (Six Southeast Asian nations: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia participated)

1992   Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba

1994   The Mongolian National Song and Dance Ensemble (also in 1996)

1994   The Iran Folk Music Ensemble

1994   Bulgarian Folk Music and Dance Troupe “Pirin”

1995   Amampondo from South Africa

1997   Indonesian Traditional Dance and Music Ensemble, Kabumi

1999   Barranquilla Folklore Dance Troupe from Columbia

1999   Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Argentina

1999   The Asia Peace and Arts Festival (Seven Asian countries and region: China, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, and Taiwan participated also in 2001 and 2005)

2001   The Sakha National Folklore Music and Dance Group Khotugu Slus from Russia

2002   The Cambodian Royal Ballet

2004   Lyceum Club of Greek Women from Greece

2004   Ensemble Russkaya Melodia from Russia (annually from 1992 through 1996, also in 1999 and 2003)

2004   Ensemble Russkaya Melodia from Russia (annually from 1992 through 1996, also in 1999 and 2003)

2005   Bulgarian National Folklore Ensemble Philip Koutev and Trio Theodosii Spassov

2008   The Jordanian National Folklore Group

2009   The Traditional Performing Arts Troupe from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan

2010   The Mongolian Folk Music Group with OYUNAA (Mongolian Singer)

2010   Russian Folk Ensemble

2011   Gyeonggi Provincial Dance Company

2012   Hawaiian Music & Hula Dance

2012   The Seoul Performing Arts Company

2012   Uma Dogra and Indian Classical Dance Troupe

2014   “Téada” The Traditional Irish Music Group

2014   SHIN KAN GAKU from South Korea

2014   Jiang Jianhua (a Chinese stringed instrument “Niko”)

2014   Myanmar Arts Troupe

2015   Perunika Trio from Bulgaria

2016   Jamaica Café from Indonesia and Inspi from Japan

2016   “Bayanihan” The Philippine Dance Company

2016   Min-On Global Session “GEN”, Strings musician from Nepal, Spain and Japan

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