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To date, Min-On has invited artists and groups from 110 countries to perform in Japan, and hundreds of Japanese artists have also performed in concerts abroad. These endeavors promote international cultural exchange to unite people’s shared emotions and create an ever-expanding circle of friendship worldwide.

Because we cannot host concerts or send Japanese artists abroad at this time, Min-On is launching a new initiative through our website and social media called the “Min-On Music Journey.”

Through the generous support of foreign embassies in Tokyo, the Min-On Music Journey will share the music of different countries across the globe and introduce their instruments and culture through photos and video content.

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 01: The Republic of Armenia

As the first installment, we would like to bring you to the Republic of Armenia!

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 02: Republic of Moldova

In the second edition, welcome to the Republic of Moldova!

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 03: Romania

Min-On’s third music journey takes us to Romania!

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 04: Turkey

Welcome to Turkey for the fourth edition!

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 05: Portugal

For our fifth Music Journey, welcome to Portugal!

Min-On Music Journey Vol. 06: Estonia

Our sixth Music Journey takes us to the Baltic state of Estonia!

Let’s travel the world together through music!

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