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The Moscow State Musical Theater for Children in 1982

Cultural Exchange

September 1966
Soviet National Academy Novosibirsk Ballet

May 1976
Arcadi Sevidov (pianist)

June 1976
Overseas Dispatches to the U.S.S.R. by “King’s Roar” Orchestra with Japanese singers

October 1976
The All-State Folk Ensemble of the U.S.S.R.

July 1977
Min-On’s first research on music and dances in Asian Continent

July 1982
The Moscow State Musical Theater for Children

October 1982
Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia

September 1985
Nikolai Kalinin with the Osipov Academic Russian Folk Orchestra

September 1985
Yuri Simonov (conductor), jury for the 7th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition for Conducting

July 1986
G. Rozhdestvensky with the U.S.S.R. Ministry of Culture State Symphony Orchestra

December 1987
Gala concert by Galina Simkina (soprano)

September 1988
Gennady Rozhdestvensky (conductor), jury for the 8th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition for Conducting

January 1989
Gala concert by Alexandre Titov (conductor)

September 1989
“St. Petersburg” participated in Pan-Pacific Music Festival ’89

May 1990
Dmitry Kholkhlov with the Andreev Russian Folk Orchestra

November 1990
Gala concert by Irina Romischevskaya (mezzo-soprano)

November 1990
The Moscow State Musical Theater for Children

March 1991
Dmitry Kholkhlov with the Andreev Russian Folk Orchestra

August 1991
Boris Eifman (director of the Leningrad Ballet Theater), jury for the 1st Tokyo Int’l Competition for Choreography

April 1992
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

May 1993
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

June 1993
Irina Arkhipova (Prof. of Moscow Conservatoire), jury for the 10th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition for Vocalists

June 1993
Gala concert by Andrej Spekhov (Baliton)

August 1993
Boris Eifman (Artistic Director of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theater), jury for the 2nd Tokyo Int’l Competition for Choreography

September 1993
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

May 1994
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

September 1995
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”


September 1995
The Moscow State Conservatoire Orchestra

March 1996
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

April 1997
Russian Balalaika Ensemble

September 1997
Overseas Dispatches to Russia, Naomi Yoshitake (violinist)

August 1998
Russian Balalaika Ensemble

November 1998
The Orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum “Camerata St. Petersburg”

May 1999
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

May 2000
Russian Balalaika Ensemble

September 2001
The Sakha National Folklore Music and Dance Group “Khotugu Slus”

June 2003
Russian Folk Ensembles “Primorye” and “Ryabina”

June 2003
The Orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum “Camerata St. Petersburg”

August 2003
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

September 2003
Overseas Dispatches to Russia (The Japanese Music and Dance Troupe “Askagumi”)

September 2004
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia”

October 2004
The Orchestra of the State Hermitage Museum “Camerata St. Petersburg”

April 2005
Ensemble “Russkaya Melodia” participated in Asia Peace and Arts Festival

September 2006
Russian Folk Ensembles “Primorye” and “Ryabina”

July 2007
Russian Children’s Folkloric Dance Troupe

October 2007
Russian Folk Ensembles “Primorye” and “Ryabina”

September 2008
Russian Folk Ensembles “Primorye” and “Ryabina”

October 2008
Sveshnikov Concert Children’s Choir

March 2010
Gala Concert by Mikhail Leontyev (conductor)

October 2010
Russian Folk Ensembles

October 2012
Peter Dmitriev (pianist)

October 2012
Russia-Japan Dance Battle (street dancers)

October 2012
Alexander Lazarev (conductor), jury for 16th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting

March 2014 
Peter Dmitriev (pianist)

October 2014
Mikhail Leontyev (conductor)

January 2015
Russian Folk Ensembles “Primdrye” and “Ryabina”

May 2015
Peter Dmitriev (pianist)

December 2015
Overseas Dispatches to Russia by Japanese Musicians

February 2016
Igor Volkov (singer) and others

November 2017
Terem Quartet

December 2018
The Tolstoy and Music Exhibition

November 2019
Terem Quartet





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