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ViVa Italia in 2017

Cultural Exchange

February 1974
Bobby Solo

May 1975
Nilla Pizzi、Valentina Greco、Giuliana Valci、Tony Dallara、Robertino、Paolo Mengoli in Min-On Italian Music Festival

September 1976
Franco Ferrara, The jury for 4th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting

October 1976
Iva Zanicchi、Pino Donaggio、Tony Del Monaco、Delia、Paolo Mengoli in Min-On Italian Music Festival

October 1977
Aurelio Fierro、Bruno Venturini、Eugenio、Roggie Pomilia、Janne Cavalliera in Min-On Italian Music Festival

October 1978
Iva Zanicchi

September 1981
Milano La Scala (Claudio Abbado, Carlos Kleiber, Bruno Rigacci and others)

January 1989
Gala Concert by Carlo Rizzi (Conductor)

October 1990
Roberto Alagna (tenor) participated in Min-On Opera Production “La Traviata”

June 1991
Marcello Abbad (composer), the jury of the 9th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (conducting)

June 1993
Giovanna Canetti (Professor), the jury of the 10th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (vocal music)

September 1995
Canzone ’95

November 1996
Al Bano

September 1997
Al Bano

November 1997
Marcello Abbad (composer), the jury of the 11th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (conducting)

November 1998
Michele Zarrillo (singer)

November 2000
Marcello Abbad (composer), the jury of the 12th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (conducting)

November 2000
Aurelio Fierro, Mario Maglione participated in “Festival of Napoli Folk Music”

November 2001
Aurelio Fierro (Viva Napoli!)

April 2002
Lina Sastri (singer)

November 2003
Marcello Abbad (composer), the jury of the 13th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (conducting)

July 2004
Gruppo Folkloristico “SIKANIA”

August 2004
Teatro Comunale di Bologna Orchestra with Rodolfo Bonucci and Narimichi Kawabata

September 2005
Mario Maglione, Junko Matsumoto, participated in “Wonderful Canzone”

October 2006
Mario Maglione, Junko Matsumoto, Gianni Palazzo participated in “Wonderful Canzone”

February 2014
Francesco Teopini(guitarist)

November 2015
Diego Crovetti (conductor), Serena Daolio (soprano), Diego Cavazzin (tenor) with Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra

November 2016
Gomalan Brass Quintet

February 2017
ViVa Italia

November 2023
Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese (G.O.B.)



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