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Ordinarius in 2019

Cultural Exchange

August 1979
Paulo Moura Quintet participated in Brazilian Carnival ’79

August 1980
Gal Costa

July 1981
Jair Rodrigues

August 1982
Clara Nunes

September 1983

August 1984
Elba Ramalho

August 1985

August 1986
Gilberto Gil

August 1987
Elizeth Cardoso

July 1988
Gal Costa

July 1989
Grupo Fundo de Quintal

July 1990
Gilberto Gil

April 1994
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

February 1995
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

September 1995
Banda Mel

February 1996
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

July 1997
Chico César

May 1999
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

March 2002
Amaral Viera (pianist)

August 2002
Mestre Ambrosio

October 2003
Mestre Ambrosio

July 2004
Carla Visi

February 2005
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

March 2008
Amaral Vieira (pianist)

October 2010
Amaral Viera (pianist)

October 2013
Amaral Viera (pianist)

November 2014
Sururu Na Roda

October 2016
Amaral Viera (pianist)

December 2017
“The Earth Rhythm” by Drummers and Percussionists (Robson Correa Do Amaral and others)

November 2019

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