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Cultural Exchange

July 1973
The Royal Classical Javanese Dance Group of the Sultanate of Jogyakarta

October 1988
A Musical Voyage along the Marine Road

September 1991
Hetty Koes Endang participates in the Pan Pacific Music Festival

September 1992
Indonesian Artists participate in the Festival of the Joing ASEAN Performing Troupe

October 1995
The Royal Classical Javanese Dance Group

October 1997
Pelangi Nusantara

May 1999
Gentra Madya Group participated in the Asia Peace and Arts Festival

October 1999
The “Indonesian Pops ’99

July 2005
Indonesian Traditional Dance and Music Ensemble “Kabumi”

March 2016
Jamaica Café with INSPi (A capella group)

August 2018
Overseas Dispatch to Indonesia (Japanese musicians)

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