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Musica Vitae and Vokalharmonin in 2018

Cultural Exchange

October 1984
The Royal Swedish Men’s Choir (Orphei Drängar)

September 1994
Jun’ichi Hirokami with Norrköping Orchestra

September 2003
The Romeo and Juliet Choir

May 2006
Barbara Hendricks (soprano)

October 2013
The Real Group

November 2013
Svanholm Singers

September 2014
The Real Group

November 2016
Margareta Bengtson

October 2018
Musica Vitae and Vokalharmonin

October 2022
“Nordic Woman,” a Festival of Scandinavian Music by Sunniva Abelli(Nyckelharpa player, Singer)

June 2023
The Uppsala Chamber Soloists and Vokalharmonin

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