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Cultural Exchange

August 1972
Ranga-Sri Little Ballet Troupe

April 1973
The Japanese Dance Troupe “Kikunokai”

July 1977
Min-On’s fiirst reserch on music and dance in India

July 1979
A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road

July 1982
Min-On’s third reserch on music and dance in India

July 1983
A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road

April 1988
Gurmeet Bawa participated in “The Festival of India in Japan”

May 1988
Pt. Bhimsen Joshi participated in “The Festival of Inda in Japan”

October 1988
L..Subramaniam participated in “The Festival of India in Japan”

August 1989
India Eternal Music & Dance to commemorate the centennial of the birth of J. Nehru

August 1990
The evening of India Music and Dance

December 1991
The Sonal Mansingh Dance Groupe & Laya Laavnya Percussion Group

March 1993
The Japanese Folklore Musical Instrument “Koto” musician “Kazue Sawai”


November 1993
Alarmel Valli Classical Dance Troupe & The Karnataka College of Percussion with Shri T A Subramaniam and Rama Mani

September 1997
Rama Vaidyanathan Dance Troupe

October 1997
Japan-India Friendship Culture Festival

May 1998
Malavika Sarukkai Classical Dance Troupe & Ustad Shamim Ahmed Khan Sitar Music Group

January 2000
Raja & Radha Reddy Dance Troupe & Pandit Bhajan Sopori Music Group

September 2001
Kalyan, Ramjhi, Sangeetha participated in the Indian Musical

September 2002
“Spanda” by Leela Samson & Tala Vadyam Percussion Groupe

January 2008
“Great spirit of Indian Traditional Performing Arts”

November 2012
Indian Classical Dance(Uma Dogra, Daksha Mashruwala, Vaibhav Arekar)

December 2017
Overseas Dispatch to Indian(Japanese Traditional Musicians and Dancers

November 2023
“Mumbai ☆ Star,” Min-On’s original production of an Indian musical


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