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Japan-India Exchange

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed that 2017—the 60th anniversary of the Indo-Japan Cultural Agreement—be designated as a year of Japan-India friendly exchange. In response to the proposal, Min-On dispatched a special troupe of Japanese traditional performing artists—Katsunari Sawada, an acclaimed Tsugaru shamisen virtuoso; Koushi Tsukuda, an upcoming shakuhachi master; Kazumi Minamikoma, a Japanese traditional percussionist; Chiaki Ejima, a Minyo folk singer, and 11 members of the dance troupe “Wakatake”—to Delhi and Mumbai for a special performance to celebrate the year of Japan-India Friendly Exchange. The envoy showcased a 90-minute program at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi on December 12, and at St. Xavier’s College Auditorium and the prestigious Tata Theatre in Mumbai on December 13 and 14. In Mumbai, the capacity audience included students, faculty members, staff and public attendees. Concluding their cultural performance with thunderous applause from the Indian audience at each venue, they brought honor and fulfillment back to Japan after celebrating the past, present and future of benevolent India-Japan relations.