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Philip Koutev Choir in 2005

Cultural Exchange

May 1970
The Men’s Chamber Choir of Bulgarian Radio and Television

September 1972
The Men’s Chamber Choir of Bulgarian Radio and Television

July 1975
The Tolbuhin Children’s Choir

August 1976
Overseas Dispatches to Bulgaria(The Japanese Folk Dance Troupe “Minbunren”)

April 1977
Svetoslav Obretenov Bulgarian Capella Choir

March 1983
The “Madrigal” Choir of Sofia

November 1994
Bulgarian Folk Music and Dance Troupe “Pirin”

December 1995
Beethoven’s ninth Synphony with Bulgarian soloists, Darina Takova(Soprano) and others

May 2005
Philip Koutev Choir

July 2007
Philip Koutev Choir

October 2015
Perunika Torio with YANTRA

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