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Quinteto Grande in 2020

Cultural Exchange

March 1970
Orquesta Jose Basso

April 1971
Orquesta Hector Varela

April 1972
Florindo sassone y Su Orquesta Tipica

March 1973
Francini Pontier y Su Orquesta Tipica

March 1974
Carlos Garcia Tango All Stars

March 1975
Orquesta Fulvio Salamanca

February 1976
Orquesta Leopoldo Federico

November 1976
Atahualpa Yupanki

February 1977
Franicini & Symphonic Tango Orchestra

February 1978
Orquesta Jose Livertella

May 1978
Antonio Pantoja (Quena)

February 1979
Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese

February 1980
Carlos Garcia Tango All Stars

May 1980
Antonio Pantoja (Quena)

March 1981
Gran Orquesta Salgan-De Lio

June 1981
Cristina y Hugo

March 1982
Orquesta Carlos Lazzari

September 1982

January 1983
Orquesta Orlando Tripodi

October 1983
Cristina y Hugo

March 1984
Orquesta Mariano Mores

February 1985
Orquesta Jose Basso

February 1986
Orquesta Osvaldo Berlingieri

September 1986
Jaime Torres (Charango)

January 1987
Enrique Dumas y Orquesta Dragone

February 1988
Orquesta Mariano Mores “El Tango”

February 1989
Antonio Agri & la Orquesta de Tango Sinfónica

November 1989
Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese

February 1990
Orquesta Juan D’Arienzo

January 1991
Orquesta del Tango de Néstor Marconi

January 1992
Gloria & Eduardo Tango Ballet

September 1992

October 1992
Orquesta Mariano Mores

February 1993
Orquesta Juan D’Arienzo

February 1994
Gloria & Eduardo Tango Ballet, Orquesta Norberto Ramos

September 1994

January 1995
Orquesta Orlando Tripodi

January 1996
Orquesta Julian Plaza

January 1997
Orquesta Osvaldo Piro

January 1998
Orquesta Mauricio Marcelli

May 1998

September 1998
Polly Ferman (Pianist)

January 1999
Polly Ferman (Pianist)

January 1999
Orquesta Carlos Buono

May 1999
Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Argentina

September 1999
Orquesta Norberto Ramos

January 2000
Orquesta Osvaldo Requena

October 2000
Polly Ferman (Pianist)

January 2001
Raul Lavie & Sexteto Sur

January 2002
Orquesta El Arranque

January 2003
Orquesta Carlos Galván

September 2003
Juanjo Dominguez (Guitarist)

January 2004
Gloria & Eduardo Tango Ballet

October 2004
Juanjo Dominguez Cuarteto

January 2005
Orquesta El Arranque

May 2005
Juanjo Dominguez Trio

February 2006
Fabio Hager & Tango del Sur

January 2007
Orquesta Erica di Salvo

January 2008
Fernando Marzan Sexteto

January 2009
Osvaldo Requena & Fernando Suarez Paz

January 2010
Orquesta Victor Lavallen

March 2011
Color Tango

January 2012
Fabio Hager Sexteto

January 2013
Orquesta Nicolas Ledesma

October 2013
Carlos Marzan Tango Orquesta

January 2014
Grecos Tango Orquesta

January 2015
La Juan D’Arienzo

March 2015
Overseas Dispatches to Taiwan (La Juan D’Arienzo)

January 2016
Sexteto Meridional

January 2017
Horacio Romo Sexteto

January 2018
Fabio Hager Sexteto

January 2019
Fernando Marzan Sextet

February  2020
Quinteto Grande

January 2023
La Juan D’Arienzo

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