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Since 1970, Min-On has hosted the Min-On Tango Series in Japan every year with the support of Min-On sustaining members. However, in 2021 the series has been canceled due to the ongoing global coronavirus situation.

To show our gratitude to everyone who supports the world of tango, the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Japan and Min-On present a free short online concert by tango legend La Juan D’Arienzo!
Please enjoy the online concert of Min-On Tango Series.

Musician: La Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra
Facundo Lazzari(Bandoneon)
Ricardo Badaracco(Bandoneon)
Oscar Yemha(Bandoneon)
Emilio Pagano(Violin)
Pablo Ginzburg(Violin)
Juan Pablo Cravenna(Violin)
Andres Santarciero (Double bass)
Pablo Valle(Piano)
Singer: Fernando Rodas
Dancer: Carla & Gaspar

Organized by Min-On Concert Association
Supported by Embassy of the Argentine Republic

The Embassy of the Argentine Republic and Min-On have launched a brand-new platform named “BA Style” (Buenos Aires Style).
Please follow the new BA Style Social Media Accounts to further your passion for tango!


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