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On January 23, 2024, the Argentine tango group Quintet del Ángel led by Humberto Ridolfi called on the Min-On Concert Association in Tokyo and were greeted by Min-On President Kazuto Ito, Executive Managing Director Hideshiro Akiya and attending staff members.

In way of honoring the late-Min-On founder Daisaku Ikeda and his work to advance the cause of peace through the exchange of musical culture worldwide, the quintet presented the association with the sheet music of “Un Ángel el Japón,” or roughly translated as “Beloved Japan of my father Angel.” The original score was jointly composed by Mr. Ridolfi, pianist Adrian Enriques and bandoneon player Nicolás Enrich.

The quintet leader explained that he was also inspired to do so as his father, Angel Ridolfi, a contrabass player with the Orquesta del Tango de Néstor Marconi, became enamored with Japan when he toured the country at Min-On’s invitation in 1991. The quintet then toured the Min-On Music Museum’s collection of classical pianos and music boxes.

Quintet del Ángel will open its Japan tour in Nagoya City on January 28 and perform 24 concerts at 22 venues throughout Japan, ending in Sendai City on March 6.

The quintet is accompanied by a tango troupe led by Gaspar Godoy, the first winner of the Tango Dance World Championship Stage Category, and featuring vocalist Vanesa Quiroz.