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Antologia de la Zarzuela in 1985

Cultural Exchange

June 1974
Maestro Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (conductor)

January 1977
Maria Rosa Dance Group

May 1977
Maestro Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (conductor)

September 1979
Maria Rosa Dance Group

February 1981
Paco Cepero (guitarist)

May 1985
Antologia de la Zarzuela

February 1990
Star from the Sevilla Festival

May 1990
Victoria de les Ángeles (soprano)

January 1992
Viva! Flamenco (star from the Sevilla Festival)

June 1994
Viva! Flamenco (star from the Sevilla Festival)

January 1995
Gala Concert by Francisco De Galvez (conductor)

February 1995
Flamenco ole!

June 1995
Overseas Dispatches to Spain (The Japanese Folk Dance Troupe “Minbunren”)

June 1996
Viva! Flamenco (Star from the Sevilla Festival)

October 1996
Flamenco ole!

September 1997
Flamenco ole!

April 1998
Flamenco ole!

July 1998
Viva! Flamenco (Star from the Sevilla Festival)

May 2000
Luis Ortega, Lola Greco, José Serrano and others participated in “Viva! Flamenco”

March 2002
Ernest Bitetti (Guitarist)

May 2002
Maribel Gallardo, La Debla, Maria Angeles, Currillo de Bormujos, Juan Ogalla and others participated in “Viva! Flamenco”

June 2005
Antonio Canales, Antonio Marquez, Joaquin Grilo and others participated in “Viva! Flamenco”

May 2013
Flamenco ole!

July 2015
Passionate Flamenco (Andoitz Ruibal and others)

April 2016
Passionate Flamenco (Andoitz Ruibal and others)

November 2016
Min-On Global Session for Peace (Juan Maria Real, guitarist)

October 2019
The Passionate Flamenco 2019

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