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Executive Managing Director of Min-On Concert Association, Hisao Kondo, was invited onto the examination committee of the Terem Crossover International Competition, an international music competition co-sponsored by Terem Quartet and the city of Saint Petersburg, held in Saint Petersburg from October 22 to 26, 2018.

The competition is an unprecedented ethnic music contest focused on new music style “crossovers” born from blending genres together. In 2018 there were 50 groups participating, and the final round included seven groups from Russia, one from Israel, one from Italy and one from Japan—10 groups total. The participants’ electric performances were met with applause and cheers.

Andrey Konstantinov, leader of the sponsoring band Terem Quartet, thanked Executive Managing Director Hisao Kondo for being on the examination committee. Through the competition, he found a deeper connection to Min-On’s philosophy, saying, “We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to tour Japan next year. We hope to continue our unwavering friendship and to maintain our benevolent relationship.”