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Janoska Ensemble, the acclaimed quartet from Vienna, Austria, successfully concluded their ten-concert tour of Japan on February 24, 2024. The latest tour marked the third that the Ensemble has made at the invitation of the Min-On Concert Association.

Janoska Ensemble is comprised of two violinists, a double bass and a pianist. They are renowned for their eclectic repertoire that showcases classical, jazz and fusion scores, delighting audiences worldwide. For their Japan tour, they performed “A Bridge For Peace,” a homage to the late-Daisaku Ikeda, the founder of Min-On who passed in 2023.

Double bass Julius Darvas had high praise for the energy and warmth of Japanese concertgoers, while pianist František Janoska said he was grateful that many found the quartet’s music inspiring, even in the face of personal challenges.

Before departing from Narita International Airport on February 25, Mr. Darvas described Min-On as a member of the Ensemble’s family and reiterated their hope of returning to Japan for another tour.