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Happy New Year, everyone.

While the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the self-imposed lockdown that followed had forced the Min-On Concert Association into canceling live concerts, we were able to hold a number of musical events online, both paid and for free, including a collaborative cultural exchange project with middle school students in France.

© Aleksandra Buczek

Moreover, a variety of content, from “Min-On Music Journey” to “Share Music Day,” has been uploaded on our YouTube channel for viewers to enjoy. We will also be showing on that channel two iconic compositions, “The Blue Danube” and “Radetzky March.” They were performed by the Strauss Capelle Vienna, the famed Austrian orchestra founded by Johan Strauss in 1827 that toured Japan in 2004 at the invitation of Min-On. Our hope is that these works will help usher in a safer and hopeful new year for all of you.

Kazuto Ito
Min-On Concert Association

[New Year’s Play Lists]
1. The Blue Danube

2. Radetzky March


© Amarilio Ramalho

Since 1977, the Strauss Capelle Vienna has performed over 3,000 concerts worldwide, never failing to create memorable experiences for its treasured international audiences. Performing in their trademark red historical uniforms, remnants from the ensemble’s birth in the court of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the orchestra’s mission is to uphold the rich musical tradition of the Viennese Waltz, created by Vienna’s own Strauss Dynasty.

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