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On February 4, a Min-On School Concert by Cousin was held at Nakajima Elementary in Matsuyama. The concert was supposed to be held last September but was cancelled due to a typhoon. Thanks to the help of many different people, it was held with great success!

Cousin performed original songs and a medley of songs from around the world, and the children listened with great interest. Finally, the children sang What I Borrowed from You along with Cousin, ending the concert together.

Comments from the school children included:

“I felt so happy when I was listening to Cousin’s songs.” – 1st grade student

“I really like Cousin’s songs because they express how they feel through them.” – 3rd grade student

“I learned that there are many types of songs in the world, which is great. It made me happy because I never thought that you could travel so far with just music. Music has a lot of power.” – 4th grade student