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On May 19, the Japan Marvelous Drummers held a concert at the Kitakyushu Komorie Elementary School, which just opened in April of this year. Some 150 students and members of the faculty and staff attended.

Consisting of six members led by Masaru Nishiguchi, the Japan Marvelous Drummers has performed in more than 20 countries to date. The group not only features traditional Japanese drums but also the koto and clarinet, mixing its performances with dance and comedic scenes as well.

A special corner was also held in which students could experience firsthand playing the taiko drums and other traditional musical instruments.

The latest event was held as part of the Min-On Concert Association’s School Concert series, an ongoing public service initiative launched in 1973 with the aim of promoting music appreciation in Japan as well as around the world. All concerts in the series are free of charge.