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“Pro musicians came to our school!”

To students’ delight, the band AUN & HIDE, whose play traditional Japanese instruments in concerts both in Japan and abroad, performed at Min-On School Concerts in Tottori and Shimane prefectures.

Participating Schools:

Tuesday, November 17: Neu Elementary School (Hino City, Tottori Prefecture)

Wednesday, November 18: Ushio Elementary and Middle School (Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture)

Twin brothers Ryohei and Kohei Inoue, who make up AUN, and musician HIDE performed songs like “SANPATO,” “74,” “Soran Bushi” and “Victory” using their traditional instruments.

They also used their shamisen, taiko drums and chappa (Japanese cymbals) to play “Red Lotus,” the theme song of the hit anime, Demon Slayer.  The children got excited as soon as the song started, and they loved the performance.

One of the students commented:

“This is my first time seeing professional musicians live. I was surprised how much the songs changed depending on how they play the taiko drums. This was a fantastic on-stage performance!”

*To prevent the spread of coronavirus, all performers, children and students wore masks or face shields and kept a safe distance from each other.

*These concerts were conducted as public service through the financial support of our dues-paying members.