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On October 28, American trio The Gothard Sisters visited Shiritsu Kishiminami Elementary, Wakayama, during their Japan tour to perform. Approximately 400 people attended, including children, school staff and guardians.

The trio performed on violin and guitar, and the audience discovered the magic of Irish music through song and dance. With a cry of “Everybody sing!” and the start of the song 365 Nichi No Kami Hikoki (365 Days of Paper Planes), the children’s voices rang out alongside The Gothard Sisters’ beautiful harmony.

Next, the traditional Mongolian music group Ikh Tatlaga performed School Concerts at Nagoya Shiritsu Yatomi Elementary on October 23,  Nagoya Shiritsu Nonami Elementary on October 24 and Yamagata Shiritsu Takatomi Elementary on October 25.

The group used the morin khuur, (also known as the horse head fiddle) to play songs that use the instrument’s unique ability to imitate camel grunts and horse whinnies. They also played songs on a Mongolian koto, which can be played without the use of fake nails. Both concerts were exceptional opportunities to experience the beauty of traditional Mongolian music.

*These concerts were conducted as public service through the support of our sustaining members.