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On August 30, members of the “Healing Hawaiian Music and Charming Hula Exquisite Sound Played by Pomaika’i and Kohala” tour visiting Japan at the invitation of the Min-On Concert Association, called on Min-On at its head office in Tokyo and toured the Min-On Music Museum. They were welcomed by Min-On President Kazuto Ito and Executive Managing Director Hideshiro Akiya.

In their meeting, Charles Michael Brotman, leader of the Kohala group, told his Min-On hosts that the aim of their latest tour—the fourth overall and the first since 2016—was to share the Aloha spirit embracing the ideals of love, respect and mutual caring, with Japanese audiences.

The “Healing Hawaiian Music” tour will open in the city of Tajimi, Gifu prefecture, from September 2 and conclude in Aichi prefecture’s Toyoda city on October 31, for a total of 33 venues and 34 performances. In addition to Mr. Brotman, the tour consists of two guitarists, Sonny Lim and Charlie Recaido, as well as vocalist and ukelele player Pomaika’i and five hula dancers, Kiani Maile McBean, Arianna Nonies-Ramos, Camille Punahele Desimone, Mari Makino Hayes and Kristen Ku’upua Enomoto.