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Armenian Little SingersThe Little Singers of Armenia choir

The Little Singers of Armenia choir was founded in 1992, under the initiative of Mr. Tigran Hekekyan. “During the dark and cold years of the early ’90s,” Mr. Hekekyan remembered, “it was important to establish a children’s choir to act as a light in the dark and help the kids overcome the hardships of that period. The group practiced by candlelight, warming their hands over a wood-burning stove. Yet the results amazed audiences and critics worldwide. We truly became ambassadors of what is best about Armenia.” Bringing together gifted children selected from music schools in and around Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan, the choir performs a wide variety of songs from genres spanning medieval, folk, sacred, classical, contemporary, pop and jazz. As an active participant in the cultural life of the Republic of Armenia, the choir participates in charity concerts at home and abroad, and has toured the world, winning prizes and medals in a number of international choral competitions.