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Antique Harpsichord and Fortepiano

“Pisa” Harpsichord

“Strohm” Fortepiano

“Anton Walter” Fortepiano

Classic Pianos

“Johann Fritz” Fortepiano

“Conrad Graf” Fortepiano

“Erard” Fortepiano

“Schweighofer” Fortepiano

Pleyel Fortepiano

“Carl Rönish” Fortepiano

Auto-Reproducing and Modern Pianos

The Welte Mignon Reproducing Piano

“Steinway” Baby Grand Piano of Pablo Casals

“Blüthner” Baby Grand Piano of Hideo Saito

Automatic Instruments

“Orchestral Corona” King of Regina

Lochmann “Original” Tubular Chime

“Classical Orchestra”

Fairy-tale Organ

Automata “Pierrot and Chair”

Hand-cranked organ / Type 1 Organetta

Music Box: “Porter Twin Disc” / Porter Music Box Company Inc,

Music Box : “Polyphon Style 104” Coin-Operated type / Polyphon

Music Box: “Reginaphone Style 240” / Regina

Music Box: “Swan Elite” / Porter