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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Min-On aims to make available diverse music of high quality—from classical to modern, traditional to popular—to as wide a range of music lovers as possible.

“The skillful expressions of voice, melody and dance that issue forth from the all-encompassing humanity of the artist cultivate and lend fragrance to deep human emotions. They are a positive influence that leads to a heightening of human spirituality. The spirit of art and the spirit of peace are naturally bound together. Artists are the standard bearers for the creation of peace. I am convinced that art, as an expression of life itself, constitutes the highest form of value creation.”

— Daisaku Ikeda, Min-On Founder

The Association has invited hundreds of the finest musicians and artists from around the world, and has sponsored thousands of concerts in a variety of genres of performing arts with the aim of developing a multifaceted music and cultural movement.

The Min-On Music Museum and Library