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The 19th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting in 2021 received 331 applications from 49 countries/regions. Of these, 14 participants from 8 countries were selected by Screening of Documents and Footages. They will face the first preliminary round on Monday, September 27 and Tuesday, 28.

21 Luka Hauser (Germany)
59 Ayaka Ueda (Japan)
67 Yukito Yamawaki (Japan)
68 Earl Lee (Canada)
92 Mamoru Suzuki (Japan)
102 Satoshi Yoneda (Japan)
103 Yukari Saito (Japan)
143 Samy RACHID (France)
165 Mikhail Mering (Russia)
205 JOSÉ SOARES (Brazil)
218 Bertie Baigent (England)
244 Hankyeol Yoon (Republic of Korea)
247 Koji Ishizaka (Japan)
311 Alexander Marinesku (Russia)

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