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On February 1, a concert by pop duo Cousin was held at Oono Elementary School in Tokushima prefecture.

Cousin, who are actual cousins as well as band mates, performed original songs, a medley of global tunes and a piece they composed with children from Uganda. The children in were impressed by their beautiful voices. Finally, at the end of the concert, they sang What I Borrowed from You with all the school children, and the concert ended on a high note.

Comments from the school children included:

  • “I really felt like a part of the music. I had so much fun!” – 2nd grade student
  • “I didn’t really like music before Cousin came, but hearing their songs changed my mind.” – 3rd grade student
  • “I think that music is very important to Cousin. I’ll make music that important for myself, too.” – 5th grade student
  • “This was my first concert. I remember all the songs. They’ll stay with me for life.” – 5th grade student