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A School Concert featuring the pop duo Cousin (who are actually cousins) was held at Kasama Elementary School in Inabe City, Mie, on September 10, 2018. A total of 320 people enjoyed the show including school children, their guardians and staff. The event was sponsored by the Min-On Concert Association with the support of the Inabe Board of Education.

Superintendent Tomio Katayama gave a speech to open the event. Cousin played their hit songs including Kaze no Machi (City of Wind) and Sekai no Uta Medley (World Songs Medley). The children swayed and clapped to the music.

As a surprise for the students, the duo performed an arranged version of the Kasuma Elementary school song, and in chorus with the children, they sang Boku ga Kimi kara Karitamono (What I Borrowed from You). A student representative gave a speech and presented a bouquet of flowers to Cousin to show their thanks. Finally, School Principal Kazuhito Ito also gave a speech in appreciation.

Some children gave their impressions of the day saying, “I was moved by their beautiful voices,” and “It was so much fun to sing with them.”