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Folk instrumentsVisitors can play some of the instruments on display

From July 10 through September 4 this year, the Min-On Music Museum hosts an exhibition showcasing a variety of folk instruments donated from various performing artists and collected from many different countries around the world. The Folk Instruments Exhibition has been specifically designed for school children to visit during the summer vacation.

Comprising some 100 instruments, the exhibition is organized by continent—Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas—plus a section on Japanese folk instruments. A number of panels describe the origins and characteristics of the instruments with the aim of educating children and their parents about world music. A special corner is provided where visitors can try playing the instruments, thus deepening their appreciation for musical instruments from different ethnicities.

Min-On has promoted this exhibition every summer for the past ten years, and it has enjoyed great popularity, giving young people the chance to experience the diversity of international musical cultures, opening their eyes to the world, and nurturing respect for cultural differences. This summer, once again, the exhibition hall will reverberate with the sounds of Chinese gongs and African drums, and the cheerful voices of children will echo around the Min-On Music Museum.