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Anata Bolivia

Min-On’s endeavors contribute to the flourishing of music and art through musical programs that cultivate artistic sentiments in children and young people. Since launching in 1973, the Min-On School Concert Program has provided admission-free concerts at primary and secondary schools throughout Japan, giving younger generations an opportunity to experience live music by premier artists from around the world.

Anata Bolivia is one of the most popular Bolivian folclore bands, from the home of the genre—La Paz, Bolivia. Ever since the Bolivian Ministry of Education began promoting indigenous culture, traditional Spanish folk music—folclore—has gained popularity in Bolivia and around the globe. The nostalgic sounds of folclore performed by Anata Bolivia have been well received by both Bolivian and Japanese audiences. They have invited by Min-On to Japan on a number of occasions.

During their Japan tour this year, Anata Bolivia delivered a series of school concerts to schoolchildren in the Kyushu region. On May 22, a thousand schoolchildren from Midorigaoka and Chuo elementary schools of Arao City in Kumamoto Prefecture assembled at the grand concert hall of Arao City Culture Center. Later, on May 30, more than a thousand students from seven different elementary and junior high schools in Oita Prefecture gathered at Oita Iichiko Grand Theater. The children had a truly memorable experience—discovering Bolivian folclore through a genuine live performance—that captured the universal joy of music and culture.