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On December 18, 2019, H.E. Ms. Ina Lepel, the Ambassador in Japan for Federal Republic of Germany, visited the Min-On Culture Center.

During discussion at the center, the ambassador spoke of her astonishment that Min-On, with the support of one million members, has done so much to connect the hearts and souls of over 110 countries and regions. She also expressed her sincere agreement with Min-On’s founding philosophy.

After the discussion, the ambassador toured the Music Museum. While she was in the classical piano room, she listened to each and every piano, from the harpsichord to the modern piano.

Before leaving the Culture Center, H.E. Ina Lepel wrote in the guest book, “Thank you for inviting me to this beautiful museum. The sounds of the classical pianos are beautiful and impressive. I pray that Min-On continues to grow and flourish.”