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Daisaku Ikeda founded the Min-On Concert Association on October 18, 1963 from his belief in the power of music to inspire empathy and friendship among people, thereby leading to the further flourishing of culture and advancement of peace.

Today, our Min-On network for peace and friendship encompasses 112 countries and territories, with a total of 120 million viewers drawn to performances by the world’s finest performing artists. We also remain engaged in various outreach initiatives—from admission-free opening of the Min-On Music Museum and Music Research Institute to the public, to the holding of local and international music competitions and free school concerts—to serve as a veritable “plaza of culture.”

We owe all this to the subscribers of our annual membership program as well as to the individuals and institutions who have generously extended their support and cooperation over the years. For your ongoing patronage and generosity, I remain profoundly grateful.

Going forward, Min-On looks to bring people closer together through music and the performing arts, drawing the world as well as different communities and generations into an expanding circle of rapport. Our goal, of course, is to provide a platform of cultural exchange that inspires hope for all, where music acts as a force for peace and the stirred heart a force for life and living.


Koji Yamaguchi
Min-On Concert Association