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Since the Min-On Tango Series was launched in 1970, Min-On has invited renowned tango artists from Argentina every year for a Japan tour. The impressive lineup has included many modern tango virtuosos and award-winning dance couples. After 45 years of the long-standing annual series, thousands of tango fans have been born in Japan. Now, they eagerly await new tango stars coming to Japan to join the prestigious series lineup every year.

On January 21, 2016 at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall in the international harbor city of Yokohama, the 47th installment of the series, entitled Dramatic Tango—The Tango Renaissance, was launched. Featuring the up-and-coming tango orchestra Sexteto Meridional, the tour will last one-and-a-half months and travel to 26 cities across Japan. Sexteto Meridional was formed in 2011 at the initiative of young virtuoso pianist Pablo Estigarribia, who is emerging as one of the most promising tango pianists in Buenos Aires today. His genius as a pianist was apparent as a child and he received many awards during his teenage years. Estigarribia previously joined the Min-On sponsored Japan tour of bandoneon master Victor Lavallén’s orchestra in 2010. In 2015 he won the best album by a new tango artist prize for his first solo album Tangos Para Piano. The members of his sextet—two bandoneons, two violins, a contra-bass and his piano—are also all young talented musicians in Buenos Aires. Each of them have been members of famous tango groups, exploring various styles of expression in the Buenos Aires tango renaissance since it started in the 1990s.

Accompanied by a singer and three world-class dance couples, Sexteto Meridional will continue their first-time nationwide tour across Japan through March 2. Their dramatic performance and virtuosic musicianship will be on display through classic tango, as well as original pieces—including Pablo Estigarribia’s brand new composition Spring in Tokyo, written as a humble dedication to Min-On founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. Sexteto Meridional’s youthful, passionate performance is breathing new life into the blossoming tango renaissance.