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On March 17 and 18, young performers from South Korea and Japan took part in “Vol. 5: A Korea-Japan Youth Concert,” which was organized by the Min-On Concert Association and cosponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in Japan.

The concert was held during the evening of the 17th and at noon on the 18th at the Hanmadang Hall of the Korean Culture Center in Shinjuku, Tokyo, drawing an audience of some 300 people for each performance. Director Kong Hyung Sik of the Korean Culture Center in Japan attended the event on the 18th.

The musicians participating from The National Gugak Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts were Lee Jihye, gayageum plucked zither artist; Lim Kyusoo, piri double reed instrument player; percussionist Kim Taejoung; and vocalist Chae Suhyun. The artists performing from Japan were Tomoya Nakai on the 25-string koto and Tomoka Nagasu on the shakuhachi flute and biwa lute. The concerts featured both solo and ensemble performances.

The finale brought the young performers together for two time-honored songs—“Ume Ichirin” from Japan and “Arirang” from Korea.

This Min-On effort to promote culture exchange as well as community outreach initiatives are made possible through the contributions of its members and donors.