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“Tango must always be interpreted in terms of human emotions. It has a human voice. That is why we must bring forth the sound that accurately expresses those emotions.”

— Osvaldo Pugliese

Latin music, found in Central and South America, is a series of musical styles and genres that typically mixes influences from Spanish, African and indigenous sources. A variety of rich musical cultures and different flavors of music unique to each individual Latin American country, however, has been developed during a span of a few hundred years, each with its own ethnic, historical and socio-cultural background.

Among the musical styles of Argentina, the tango is perhaps the most popular, becoming famous all around the world. The Min-On Tango Series, which launched in 1970 with a concert by the internationally acclaimed Orquestra Jose Basso, has been credited with spearheading a tango boom in Japan. The series has featured nationwide Japan tours by leading tango artists, such as the Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese and the Orquesta Mariano Mores, on an annual basis. The most recent tour was by the Orquesta Color Tango, conducted by the acclaimed bandoneon player Robert Alvarez, in 2011 as the forty-second installment of the Tango series. To date, this series has comprised more than 2,300 performances throughout Japan, bringing the wonder of tango music to more than 3.5 million audience members. Min-On has also brought musicians and artists in other genres of Latin music, such as Brazilian Popular Music and Latin Folk Music, from many different Latin American countries, including performances by Gal Costa and Gilberto Gil of Brazil, Los Indios of Paraguay, Los Laikas of Bolivia, among many others.

Min-On Tango Series: among many others

Osvaldo Pugliese from Argentina in 1979Osvaldo Pugliese from Argentina in 1979
1970 Orchestra Jose Basso
Orquestra Osvaldo Pugliese
Orquestra Mariano Mores
Gloria and Eduardo Tango Ensemble
1997 Orquestra Osvaldo Piro

Brazilian Popular Music: among many others

Gilberto Gil from Brazil in 1986Gilberto Gil from Brazil in 1986
1980 Gal Costa
1986 Gilberto Gil
1995 Banda Mel
1997 Cico Cesar

Latin Folk Music: among many others

Los Laikas from Bolivia in 1984Los Laikas from Bolivia in 1984
1976 Los Indios
1981 Ramon Veloz and Grupo “Campo Alegre”
1982 Condorkanki
1984 Los Laikas
1994 Coral Y Esmeralda