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Échange culturel

April 1973
Gala Concert by David Howell (conductor)

January 1975
John Barry

April 1975
The Royal Ballet

October 1975
The London Symphony Orchestra with André Previn

September 1986
The Royal Opera House Covent Garden

March 1987
Gala Concert by Broadsky String Quartet

January 1988
Hugh Burns

January 1989
Hugh Burns

May 1989
Broadsky String Quartet

June 1989
Norbert Brainin (violin), the jury of the 6th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (chamber music)

December 1989
Sandie Shaw (singer)

August 1991
Jack Carter (choreographer), the jury of the 1st Tokyo Int’l Choreography Competition

November 1991
Overseas Dispatches to the U.K. (The Japanese Dance Troupe « Kikunokai »)

May 1992
Philip Jones (trumpet), the jury of the 7th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (chamber music)

November 1992
Yip Wing Sie (conductor)

November 1992
Broadsky String Quartet

August 1993
John Percival (dance critic), the jury of the 2nd Tokyo Int’l Choreography Competition

May 1994
Yip Wing Sie (conductor)

November 1997
Sir John Drummond (music critic), the jury of the 11th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition (conducting)

April 2001
The National Youth Music Theatre of Great Britain « Pendragon »

October 2001
Sir Roger Norrington and SWR Stuttgart Radio-Symphony Orchestra

September 2002
Charlotte de Rothschild

March 2004
Gala Concert by James Lowe (conductor)

April 2004
Charlotte de Rothschild

April 2012
Charlotte de Rothschild

July 2014
Charlotte de Rothschild

October 2015
Mike George, The jury for 17th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting

March 2017
“City of London Sinfonia” Conductor Michael Collins with Soprano Singer Charlotte de Rothschild

August 2022
Charlotte de Rothschild

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