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September 1980
“Songs and Romances of Travelers from Afar” Concert by Mehmet Ozbek, Umit Takcan and Alif Sag

July 1982
Min-On’s third research on music and dance on the Asian Continent

July 1983
A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road

July 1985
A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road

November 1986
Hikmet Simsek (conductor)

January 1988
Deniz Gelenbe (pianist)

January 1990
Idil Biret (pianist)

October 1991
Hikmet Simsek, jury for the 9th Tokyo Int’l Music Competition for Conducting

December 1991
Ayşegül Sarica (pianist)

January 1992
Gülsin Onay (pianist)

June 1992
Overseas Dispatches to Turkey, The Japanese Arts Ensemble (dance and drums)

January 1994
Gülsin Onay (pianist)

May 1995
Bariş Manço (singer)

May 1997
A Musical Voyage along the Silk Road – The Turkish Traditional Culture and Art Ensemble

October 1998
Gülsin Onay (pianist)

May 2001
Izmir Folk Dance Group participated in The Asia Peace and Art Festival

September 2003
Fahir Atakoğlu (composer and pianist)

May 2004
The Istanbul Folk Ensemble